Using Resources from other mods

So i wanted to make a new crafting station that could use/make resources from other mods specifically i wanted to have a smithy that could use the steampunk copper plates and glass to make new items.

i googled the **** out of it and even searched the forum but could not find a clear answer.

Is this possible?

iam attempting to try this but wanted to know if im wasting my time or if someone has already done this.

ok i thought id share how i got this to work,

  1. the mod you want to use resources from MUST be loaded before your mod in the mod load order.

  2. create the folder structure of the mod you want to use resources from in the editor making sure you name it the same as the mod you want to use resources from.
    Mod folder in steam - to find the proper names you subscribe to the mod then check your mod folder for the name structure, you can find the mods main name from the admin spawn commands for the mod
    EG -spawn command - cheat giveitem “Blueprint’/Game/Mods/SteamPunk2/Adv_SteamPress/Forge/Resources/PrimalItemResource_CopperOre.PrimalItemResource_CopperOre” 1 0 false
    you need to create the same mod folder in editor
    (make sure you use actual resource blueprints for resources, item blueprints for items)

  3. in your mod you can now reference the dummy files you have created

  4. cook your mod and upload it

  5. start your server making sure your mod loads AFTER the mod with the resources you want to use

thats it! test your mod can actually use the items from the other mod and your good to go :slight_smile:

NOTE: not sure why but i had to try this several times before i could get it work, it seems very buggy