Using Remote Control Web Interface to control BluePrint Actor

I have been dabbling in Blue prints from tutorials and have programmed in Visual basic and other Languages. I having troubles finding the correct function, methods in Blueprints which i think is a awesome tool!!

My Problem below is I want to simulate a oil Separator using Unreal 4.26.2

I have the Remote Control web Interface able to change the Z scale of the Cylinders in my scene,
but I need them to interact with each other as the input level changes. So I thought I could use the BluePrint class to do the math In one tank we have the water level, then the raw emulsion, and the separated oil on the top. Now as the raw emulsion is added it will grow upwards and over time separate into water and the oil on top. I figure that i can use Variables to effect this.

Lacking examples of how to do this is challenge. Any input or help would be welcome. I would also be willing to put up a tutorial on youtube about this for other to see.
I have been using SolidWorks for 19 years and with the data smith tool I have created many model that i bring into Unreal. I use Blender, Cinema4D,Poser, Daz, Lightwave as well.

Thanks for any input.

Finally got this working! here is the Blueprint

and the viewporet of the Blueprint