Using Real Guns In Game

Can I Use Real Gun In Game ? Or i have to change name guns first? Some games changes real gun names but models real guns.Like Payday 2can someone explain this?

There is no yes/no answer here. It depends on the gun. Some of them are Registered Trademarks.

  • since Mikhail K. is no more, I bet you can use AK-47 and it’s unlikely you’ll face a cease and desist order
  • I’d avoid Colt since it’s also a company name (m16 and AR-15 are their products but the production of m4 is subsidised (afaik) so it should be fine), the same goes for Glock

Some developers / companies obtain a licence. You can always ask for a permission but prepare to be ignored. You can even suggest they pay you for showcasing their products. You never know.

Do bear in mind that you can be dragged through the court mud for much less than using a trademarked name; have your business and reputation ruined, resources drained and have the lawsuit lifted since they do not have to win in order to cripple you.

My general advise would be not to use real gun names unless you’re doing a big budget realistic military sim and can obtain a license. But then again, I’m not a lawyer.