Using Raw Input Plugin? (4.15)

Hi. I’ve enabled the new Raw Input plugin but none of the values ever seem to give out anything other than zero and when I print out all the “registered devices” I always get nothing.

I’ve got the generic USB raw input mapped to an axis in my project settings. Then in my game blueprints I attempt to use the values but like I said before, they are always zero :confused:


I’m very interested too. I tried to connect a PS3 Dualshock3 contoller, but no success. There is a Raw Plugin page in Project settings, with an empty list of Device configurations. Maybe this should be defined somehow, not sure how?

My game just started working after restarting… wierd

Nevermind, it only works in the editor after a restart (Standalone and PIE) but when I package the game, I don’t see the input axis I’ve set up to use generic USB moving at all. they stay fixed at a value of zero.
:confused: :confused: :confused:

Bump, I think I’ll submit a bug report because this makes no sense at all