Using Random float in range, bug

So if I have this setup here to randomly rotate an actor on the pitch and yaw axis, but not the roll axis, it works how you’d expect barring one thing. The roll is not set to zero like it should be. The roll get set to either this

or this

Those pictures are from a print function that gets the world rotation of the default scene root. I was able to recreate it in a blank project in 4.14.3 as well, the same thing happens. I don’t know what this could be besides a bug

This is not a bug. Just rotate with Pitch in the Viewport and see what happens. If you go over -90 with Pitch, roll gets flipped and you are going down with Pitch instead of higher. I don’t know why exactly Unreal does this, might be something with Quaternions and directions of the vector (I’m seriously no math expert), but this is intended behavior.