Using Python to Import Custom LODs

I’m writing a pipeline tool that will import and/or reimport custom LODs from source files. I have not been able to locate much information on the subject. I did find this class unreal.EditorSkeletalMeshLibrary — Unreal Python 4.27 (Experimental) documentation. The documentation appears to have the methods I’m looking for, but they no longer exist. Those methods could have been deprecated, and the doc page has not been updated. I tried using the reimport_all_custom_lo_ds method in that class. Unreal was unable to locate that method, so I ran help(unreal.EditorSkeletalMeshLibrary). That method did not appear in the printout. Would any of you know of a python unreal class that would allow me to import and re-import custom LODs?
Running - UE 4.24.3