Using provided content in our own projects...

Maybe I missed it in the licensing QA document but are we allowed to use the sample content provided my Epic in our own games that we make and sell? For example say I find a texture in one of the provided Material Functions and I really like it for whatever surface I am making. Can I use those asset’s in my material for my game or do I have to generate everything from scratch?

From the Unreal Engine FAQ:

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What can I do with this free content?

You can use template games to build and ship your own projects. We encourage you explore, deconstruct and modify the sample games and example content as you like. You can use this content for your own game projects, too!

“Free content” in this case is anything in the list above that question on the FAQ, but basically it means anything that is currently freely available in the Marketplace.

Hope this helps.

Umm not sure how I missed that but that was pretty much what I was looking for. Thanks for the link ;).