Using Playerstart for my own Pawn

As i am working on my Pinballgame, i wrote a pawn which does nothing but look into a static direction. That’s all.
But ofcourse, my Pawn starts at origin 0.

My question is, how can i search for the player start(as used by other pawns) to read it’s location and rotation?

You can actually iterate over the scene nodes. A basic example of these iterators can be found in the UE4 wiki. Once you get the object, you could check the node-name for example, or if you have your own class simply check for that classtype.

Thank you very much, I’ll look into this.

Have a look at AGameMode::FindPlayerStart(). There’s a good chance this code is running for you by default and already trying to find a PlayerStart for you. Might be worth stepping through to see if it’s failing for some reason.