Using PhysX Apex Clothing


I hope I’m posting this into the right forum category. I have a model that I would like to apply the PhysX Clothing to two pieces of clothing. One piece of clothing is a coat that goes down halfway between his waist and knees. The other is his pants. I created a very loose, poofy-like sweat pants. For the coat, I would like to have it set to where it is effected by gravity, and for the pants, I want it set to where it isn’t effected by gravity, or very little (so it maintains it’s poofy-like state).

I have successfully used the PhysX Apex on a model before for a coat, but I wasn’t able to get the pants to work correctly. I use 3ds max and when I add the “collision bubbles” where the cloth interacts with the bones or body parts, I would have to make one inside the pants where the legs would be, and one that goes around the pants where it would collide with the jacket. I can’t seem to figure out if it is possible to have one model with two clothes using 2 different apex settings and “collision bubbles”.

I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you!