using Photon SDK with UNREAL, know how to 'import' the sdk to project?

Hi folks,

After using the photon server a bit with UNITY3D I decided I would use it with the UNREAL engine instead due to the fact the unreal engine has a superior render engine.

However, I have downloaded the SDK (Download) but I cannot find how to implement it into a project.
The page for the SDK isnt very helpful but maybe you can make better sense of it (Page Link)

Any help in how to get the SDK working with my unreal engine project would be greatly appreciated. I have worked with unity3d a fair bit and they have a great community on their forums and I am looking forward to using these forums as I move on and use the UNREAL engine.

Thanks in advance.

What there SDK for UE4 actully looks like? can you paste image what it contains? look on there “documentation” looks like insted of implementing it as OnlineSubsystem they did some client actor, which is not how you suppose to implement online service in UE4… but that might be the cause of lack of documentaion for OnlineSubsystem system

Also i think you will get better help thru there support, because it’s there product not Epic’s


Have you seen this demo for integrating Photon into UE4?

“which is not how you suppose to implement online service in UE4”
I think you don’t have the correct understanding of what Photon is. It is not an online service in the way in that the UE4 online subsystem understands it, like Steam or Facebook, but rather a cross-platform multiplayer networking engine, basically an alternative to using Networking and Multiplayer in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation.

I just startet a small tutorial series using PhotonPeer and a custom PhotonListener implementation.

Perhaps you can find some answeres there in addition to the demo project provided by ExitGames. You can find it over here:

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