Using Paragon Free Assets for freelance work?

I am a freelancer, can i use some of the Paragon free assets in making videos for my client? Can i get paid by my client? I am not selling or reselling any of the Paragon assets, I am just using them to make videos/cinematics. Please advise.

Yes, you can, you also won’t owe any royalties for using UE4 since you’re just making make a video

Thanks for your answer. However when browsing through some posts, i came across this:

“Fan Content must have no commercial (i.e., monetary) objective. As an exception to this, fans are permitted to monetize web videos (such as YouTube) with advertisements, so long as those videos otherwise meet the requirements of this Policy.”

So i am doing freelance work for a client. It is NOT a youtube video earning advertisement money. And its not a Fan Content. It is more like I get paid directly by my client for making him a video/cinematic. So i guess it has commercial(i.e., monetary) objective?

Hope to get more advise.

That has to do with fan content made about the games that Epic makes (like Unreal Tournament/Fortnite) it has nothing to do with the content they distributed from Paragon.

Thank you all very much for the advise!