Using overlapping actors

i am struggling to use get overlapping actors function, i think it inst returning any actors even though there are actors inside the mesh? collision has also been set, what am i missing ?

Hey bennetherwood,

Sometimes it can be something very small you are missing, no worries. Would you mind providing some more information about how you have your scene set-up to test for overlapping actors. Usually a couple screenshots, like your blueprint graph using the function, and maybe how the actors in your scene are arranged.


Andrew H.

its dynamically spawned actors at event begin play, as i want all actors to be spawned in a complex mesh shape
the blueprint isnt really operation, but im tinkering around at the end to do a sort of repetitive system in which the spawned actor is set to a location, and if its in the mesh then it does the spawns the actor and so forth

but i notice that if i watch the overlapping actors value in the BP it just says watching… does that mean it returned nothing ? or its just not showing in BP?

ALSO NOTE : the sun actors are set to Rand(location) in the BP

alt text

Hello bennetherwood,

Apologies for the late response. I have been on vacation for a bit and have not been near my workstation. I wanted to check in and see if you had resolved your issue or if you still needed further assistance.

To answer your question pertaining to the ‘Watching’ utility of your node in the Blueprint. If you are watching something, you are tracking the variable or event i.e. like a cooldown for an ability. This is done when playing and attempting to debug your blueprint script.

Another great tool used for debugging your Blueprint is when you have an event node or something that executes a specific action, and you want to know exactly when it triggers. Press the ‘F9’ key while the node is selected to mark the node for this type of tracking.

I hope this helps you out a bit!


Andrew Hurley

i dont know, I had a look at it a while ago and never really sorted it out, so i just moved on. Basically im trying to only spawn meshes inside the collision of a custom mesh and plan on using overlapping actors bools to spawn, but im having trouble, could you help.