Using other than Cast to Player Controller

Hi folks

Im trying to make an array for players id

See below for the graph.

The graph is for a mod that i am doing. I know the cast does not work as i had the strings shown when i enter and exit an object.

What can i use other than the Controller node to have the details needed in the array.

Please assist.

Thank you

Don’t use the controller. Cast to PlayerPawnTest.

Thank you.

Will test it and revert.


Can find playerpawntest. In fact no other cast node available.

Bro! (wtf)

There must be: Screenshot - 4fc369ca679e590bf56f3fa229278f38 - Gyazo

Bro! (wtf)

Just tested it. For some reason it does not show up until you have opened the “PlayerPawnTest” blueprint at least once. So just open it. Close it and try to do the cast again.

About to edit that post. Somehow the forum was abit wonky. I found the node. Seems like there were no fault. However, i could not get the event to work.

Have a look please.

Its a custom event you created. You have to call it. Right click in the blueprint editor and search for “event tick_copy”.

Where should i place it ?

I am not even sure what you are doing there. :smiley:

Well, the player would enter a room and trigger poison gas.

overlap -> cast to player -> do dmg -> repeat until player leaves trigger/room

Can I slither in a question about the pipeline for finding player names?

Edit: found your other thread kenturrac

It’s stored in the player pawn.

You know what, its working, attached print string to the player name and its coming back with survivor/player. Down the pipeline I was turning the string into an INT! giving me 0 :confused:

The event tick should be elsewhere?

@Samson: Great to hear that it worked out for you.

@ENRELL: The tick event (the actual one, not the one you created in your screenshot there) can be used in many cases. To understand when to use it and how it works you should visit the Unreal documentation. This event does not exist of a specific purpose. You should use it if you are in the need of it.