Using or recreating cameraShake for arbitrary actors

I would like to be able to apply the cameraShake C++ function to any actor in a sequence. What I like about it is the generally clear and universal controls, but it seems to be hard-coded for use (in Sequencer) only on a camera. How might I go about applying a camera shake track to any actor?

For our purposes, any tool we might make must be scrub-able in the sequencer, so blueprints that I’ve easily made in the past to do similar floaty motion won’t work, since they only perform during play/simulate. It is rather necessary that we build something that functions like an additive animation track in sequencer, but I’m unsure as to how to begin to make that in blueprints. I’m not C++ capable, so I’m not jumping into just modifying the existing cameraShake system.

Any suggestions to get me started?