Using only part of mesh as spline?

So I’m working on a VR slingshot and I figured, spline mesh is a way to make fireing the slingshot look nice. My question is: is it possible that only part of my mesh would behave as spline? I would like the “Y” part to not stretch with the rest of the mesh and I wasn’t able to achieve that by playing around with start/end tangent or min/max boundary. So is there any way to do this?
Thank you

Short answer, no. I would break out the part you want to move as it’s own mesh and just use that as a spline mesh component. You could also look into using Morph Targets. If you need more assistance figuring out how to do either of these things let me know.

That’s exactly what I did couple of hours before your answer, I split the mesh into two parts and it seems to be working nicely. I really like the functionality of morph targets though, I think, I’ll look into it later. Anyway, thank you for the kind answer :slight_smile:

Cool, no problem. Don’t forget to mark this as answered so other people with the same problem have an easier time finding a solution.

Best of luck!