Using OneDrive

Hi all,

Been using Unreal 4 at the College I teach at for a number of years now, The college is now making all students use OneDrive as their default drive. Not a problem with normal apps but Unreal cannot see it for creating / saving projects.

Please advise if you know how to deal with this!!



Not really sure what you mean by unreal cannot see but you could just push the project folder to a shared folder onedrive.
Am using Mega and there an option to sync btw pc to cloud, onedrive should have that option too but you gotta do some setting for that before.

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I think he refers to a non existing folder in the file explorer.

But in general, it should be visible.

If not consider copying the Path from the Windows File Explorer into the the Explorer of Unreal Engine.

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Thanks - I think syncing the folder will sort. Will try tomorrow!

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