Using one camera component for different characters

I’d generally have a horse cam and a rider cam separately (as you may want to have unique behaviour for each).

But you may try to detach the rider cam and reattach it to the horse and only then posses the horse. Not 100% how well this would work, though.

I am attempting to have a smooth camera transition between the possession of two pawns. Essentially I have two third person character blueprints a rider (with a camera component and spring arm) and a horse (without). I attach the rider to the horse and possess the horse. When this happens i would still like to use the riders camera just zoom the camera out by increasing the spring arm length.

The issue is that even when ‘Auto Manage Active camera target’ is false in the player controller the players view goes to the origin on the horse BP on possession. even if i set the player view target with blend to the rider BP i can’t control the control rotation of the camera (only the control rotation of the horse)

Is there a way to control a camera component while possessing another pawn and controlling that pawn’s moment? or am i going a bout this the wrong way? (i’m not to deep into a project or anything so can totally scratch this plan if necessary)