Using of Blackboards outside of AIControllers

How can I use Blackboards outside of an AIController? It seems the nodes for getting and setting are only available inside of AIControllers. At the moment that leads me to use AIController as the parent class for things like a stock/warehouse which only exists once per player. It works really nice, but it looks a bit ugly and hacky to see that the stock is an AIController :stuck_out_tongue:
I would like to be able to set variables just based on the name, so I can have as input just “wood” and “2” and then 2 wood is added to the stock. With a blackboard that works very nice, with a struct I would actually have to switch on the names and then set the right variables. Compared to using a blackboard a lot of unnecessary nodes.
Is there any reason why I should not use AIController for non AI classes? Will blackboards be usable from everywhere in the future? I really like blackboards :slight_smile: I know there is some way how it should be possible to use blackboards everywhere, but as I last checked it out is hasn’t worked for me the way I want it to work.

There should be nothing stopping you from using BlackboardComponent outside of AIController. I see that you currently cannot add a BB component to an actor blueprint (I’ll fix it today), but in C++ it’s as easy as creating any other component.

Let me know if you find any blackboard functionality restricted to AI-uses.