Using Oculus Quest 2 wireless and motioncontroller test for virtual production

This is a proof of concept of how to use Oculus quest 2 wireless to track a virtual camera
Tell me what do U think about it!

I’ve been doing the same thing with the Quest 1 but put the headset on a stand and mounted my controller on top of my camera, like the Vive tracker. Also, this was done with a virtual camera into OBS because UE4 doesn’t want to open my HDMI card stream, even though the device shows on the Input list.

very Niiice!!

Good afternoon, tell me what would be better to buy. I just want to buy a VR system and use a green background, but I don’t know which one is best for this task. I saw that the Oculus system, only glasses and a controller, this system does not have a base station that tracks the movement of a person in the space of a room, like in the HTC VIVE Pro.
I just don’t understand how then the OCULUS system will track a person in the space of the room?
Will the tracker need to be worn per person?
And can it be used for the OCULUS system vive trackers?

Very cool stuff!
Is there any chance you could share your project? I’m very new to UE and dont quite get how to set this up :eyes: