Using NavMesh with TwinStickShooter Template?

Hey everyone, I am still new to Unreal 4 and blueprint but I have a simple game set up with the TwinStickShooter Template. I want another ship to follow me when seen. I saw a simple tutorial on using NavMesh and AIMoveTo in blueprint. However, using this with the TwinStickShooter crashes my game overtime the ship sees me. I just duplicated the TwinStickPawn blueprint, deleted the camera component and the existing blueprint in the event graph, and added the PawnSensing component. I opened a third person template used in the tutorial and this blueprint set up works fine. The problem seems to be in the pawn node of the AI MoveTo. If there is no self node connected to it, the pawn sees it and does not crash but it does not move. Anyone know why it is crashing or how to get this ship to follow me in my game? Thanks!