Using Navmesh for Player movements

Hello there :slight_smile:

Is it possible to have a Player character move using the navmesh? (similar to how “AI move to” behaves).

It is for a diablo-like movement system (click to move, dodges obstacles in your path).

I tried using the regular “AI move to” node but Blueprint tells me it needs an AI controller to work.
“Simple Move” seems to do this but it’s not working in multiplayer. So I’m wondering if there’s an easy fix for this.

I got this working by attaching the camera to a fake AI controlled character but I’m loosing all benefits of being able to call “Owning Character” and all convenient references.

Thanks in advance for any answer :slight_smile:

Look in the ‘Top Down’ staring Template. Its all right there.

“Click and Go” NavMesh guided player.

It’s been a while, but I believe I used these settings to get simple move working in multiplayer:

Character -> CharacterMovementComponent
Use Acceleration For Paths Checked
Use Acceleration is MANDATORY for client movement to work!
Project Settings -> Engine -> Navigation Mesh
Force Rebuild on Load Checked
Runtime Generation Dynamic
Project Settings -> Engine -> Navigation Settings
Allow Client Side Navigation Checked

Good luck!

Well this is old, nevertheless want to say thanks. Saved me about 3 days of work :v

Are there any downsides to this solution?

It seems only “Use Acceleration For Paths” and “Allow Client Side Navigation” are required.

EDIT: Found a writeup on the differences here:…ementcomponent