Using navigation mesh in c++

I am making a project that uses AI to do pathfinding for an enemy to find the fastest way to a player. I know that this is possible with navmesh and blueprints but i have to do this in c++. Is there any way to use the grid of navmesh in a c++ class or even make my own grid based on the navmesh.

Thanks in advance.

sure, the blueprints just call c++ functions. what do you need to do?

I basically want to use the weighted graph that nav mesh has to use A* on it with self made code. So i guess i am looking for what #include to add to the .cpp file. I think.

Are you in general comfortable with including different engine subsystems in C++ and working with them?
Because, if so, the docs should give you everything you need:

If you’re not comfortable working with Unreal Engine source code in C++ from your own plugin, then it’s likely that the real problem you’re running into is “there are a number of assumptions that aren’t spelled out particularly clearly, and there’s ways of references parts of the engine in the build setup files that aren’t super obvious,” rather than anything particularly related to navmesh.

I think that your last assumption is probably the right one. I am very new to unreal engine and have only worked with unity for a short time. So making my own pathfinding is probably a bit more than I could handle. Anyway thanks for the link. Ps if you see another post from me about the same topic please ignore it I posted twice because I was not sure how long the checking would take.