Using my mod with other mods

I recently made a mod that adds a couple of items, one to the mortar and pestle and one to the fabricator. The server I play on uses Structures plus, and I can see my mod in the regular stations, but not mod added ones. My question is, how can i get my mod to show up in other versions of crafting stations?

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Here i got a little tut for your, just follow the steps. That helps me to add additional engrams to mod structures

  1. Subscribe and load the StructuresPlus Mod
  2. Go to your DevKit Mod folder via your Explorer and add a new fodler and name it “StructuresPlusMod”
  3. Go to the Mod Folder from structures plus in your regular ARK Mod Folder
    ID is: “731604991”
  4. now you have to create new Folders in your DevKit for all Storeage Boxes from the mod in your DevKit from the Root like this:

Search your SP_Mod Fodler and copy the names it to your DevKit BP’s (Rename)

  • …\Crafting\Smithy\BP_SmithyPlus.uasset
  • …\Crafting\Fabricator\BP_FabricatorPlus.uasset
  • …\Crafting\MortarPestle\BP_MortarPestlePlus.uasset

To get a BP in your Folder to rename, just use any BP you want. Its just to get the Path to the ModBP

Do that for all Inventroys you need and now just make a new “Additional Structure Engrams” entry for all structures you want to add your engrams in your “PrimalGameData_” just like you did for the regular one

hope that helps…
happy moding

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This is interesting. Out of curiosity, would mod load order be important if you did this? (IE, structures plus would have to be higher in the load order than one that adds engrams to it using this method? Or vice versa?)

In this case S+ has to be load before your mod

This should be a sticky for other modders who have similar questions pertaining to this subject. @CalvinVail Nice job with the explaination M8 cheers