Using Multiuse to add actions to an existing object

Hey, I’m trying to add actions to Dodo_Character_BP following the StorageBox_Small_BlueprintUseTest example BP, but I’m not having any luck. I think I understand the UseTest examples and the overridden functions BPTry Multi Use BPGet Multi Use Entries, but I cant seem to recreate the action on my dodo.

I have all the BPs in my mod fodler and I was able to edit StorageBox_Small_BlueprintUseTest actions, but I cant get actions to appear on the dodo or a bookshelf. Any pointers would be much appreciated!

EDIT: See my Reply for the solution. I will make an in depth guide on how to add options to a menu tomorrow when I’m home.

I figured it out… I didn’t have the MultiUse options checked on the parent BP. I got it working with the dodo BP. The options are in the extended option and just search multi. There should be 3