Using multiple materials on one object

Hey guys. Sorry for a possibly stupid question. I have a model in AutoCAD architecture that I put into 3DS Max and used the exporter to fbx then put into UE4. I followed the UE4 manual to do this and believe it to be the suggested method.

So now my question is how do I get multiple materials onto an autocad multi block reference. As an example: I have a window that is a multi block reference in AutoCAD. When I put it into UE4 and apply a glass material to it then the pane of glass takes the material but so does the frame. How would I get these to show two materials? (Wood and glass)

Thanks in advance

You have to apply the materials in 3ds Max before exporting to UE4, there’s no way to create more material slots in UE4. You can select polygons and apply a material and it will automatically create a multi/sub-object material with the appropriate material ID’s.