Using multiple collision component on character class

I have dog like creature with large wings on either side who will stroll around through forests with branches and trunks. I tried to use character class but capsule component is not an option for me. How can use 3 capsule component in a character class. If I can’t , how should I solve this problem. Can you guide me to right direction please.

Ok first off that capsule and it’s collision is more used by the movement component than anything else. It needs a physical representation to know whether the character can fit into a hole or not clip into solid geometry. Now if this is what you need the bigger collision for I’d suggest a single large box, which I believe can override the capsule by creating a uboxcomponent and letting the movement component know that’s the controlled component.

Now if you are worried about combat for instance and having having accurate collision detection when a minion shoots at them. Then I’d use capsules along it’s skeleton and attach them to it’s respective bone so it will animate along with them

I hope this clarified things a bit