Using Mouse Y variable in more than 1 blueprint

Input is bound to your Character Controller, and will be disabled for your other Actors. This follows the “Get Mouse Y” tooltip:

Returns the current value of input access key Mouse Y. If input is disabled for the actor the value will be 0.

You can therefore grab the mouse position from your character’s controller instead. A direct replacement for “Get Mouse Y” would be the “Get Input Mouse Delta” node, but this would also be needed for the mouse position as well.

I updated my answer with delta input.

Hey, so I’ve been trying to create objects, where, using the mouse input the player controls a timeline and that timeline defines what position the object is at based on a lerp node. However, the problem I’m having is this…

I want to get Mouse Y input and add that to a variable clamped between 1 - 100. However, getting Mouse Y in blueprints outside of my character blueprint does not work.

This is an example of what I currently have in my object that I want to control blueprint. This prints 0 at all times when giving the mouse input. However if I do the same set-up in my character blueprint it prints the numbers based on the mouse input perfectly.

So basically I want to know how I can use the ‘Get Mouse Y’ node in more than my characters blueprint or if there’s an alternate way around this. Let me know if this is unclear! :slight_smile:

This gets the mouses position on the screen, I’m looking to get the mouses axis value (should have made that clearer sorry).

I forgot I can set the ‘Get Mouse Y’ node into another float variable. So I’m now accessing the Get Mouse Y through an event tick that sets the ‘Get Mouse Y’ to my custom float variable :slight_smile: