Using Mouse Position to dictate Mesh/Actor location.

The main way of movement is through your mouse and strafing.
When you move you mouse to the left to turn, your plane pulls to the right in a turning motion. This is the same in all axis and directions. When you strafe, it adds to your current plane movement.
All of this is done over time and not instantly so it looks smooth, alot of my issues come from using SetRelativeLocation and** AddRelativeLocation** not being smooth enough or not allowing direct relation between the mouse and the plane.

I have a placeholder cube as my flying pawn with a spring arm and camera attached, and my plane mesh is a sub of the cube so i can move it without it affecting the camera.
Here is a view of what it look is the mouse movement variant and how it interacts. My issue may well be not enough logic or knowing how to get around blueprints. The main issue is plane will center up with SetRelativeLocation but doesn’t allow the use of other movement additives. WIth **AddRelativeLocation **it continuously adds my mouse position to the plane mesh’s axis.
My plane mesh should only be moving to the opposite position of where the mouse is, and not continously adding to its location.

This is Air Rivals and how plays :
Basically when mouse is in the center, the plane centers up unless a strafe button is held down in which case plane is held outwards and at an angle.

Looking for any help on recreating this or fixing my current blueprints!

Would love for some help on this!
So far i worked around it but this example really doesn’t work. It basically calculates every tick whether the plane variable is further than the mouse variable so when the mouse isnt moving or the plane is at a set maximum from center, it just jumps between moving left and right continously.

Here is a video and a image attached:

Pretty please would love input!