Using Mouse as Touch Input for GetHitResultUnderFinger does not recognize mouse movement

In the following blueprint, if I use the mouse as mouse everything works just fine. As soon as I change to mobile preview (therefore use my mouse as touch input), it recognizese the first press but no movement. Untill I eject and re-enter the window, after that everything works normal. This Code is part of a PlayerController and in MoveToLocation i tell an AiController where to move.


EDIT: Printing the HitResult Location as a DebugString yields as long as the mouse button is pressed the same location.

Update2: I managed to reproduce this bug as following:

  1. Create a new blank Project.
  2. add a camera Actor facing the ground, with an orthographic view. (As reference loc: 0, 0, 100, rot 0, -90, 0).
  3. In Level Blueprint SetViewTargetwithBlend to CameraActor.
  4. Set GameMode to new custom GameMode.
  5. Add New Custom PlayerController blueprint.
  6. Set this custom PlayerController as default in your custom GameMode.
  7. In this Blueprint add following code:

  1. Enable Mouse as TouchInput in preferences.
  2. Remove Default Touch Interface
  3. Start Game as Mobile Preview
  4. Click and move Mouse. → Text wont move.
  5. Eject and re-enter → everything works fine.

Hi Azkarell,

I do not see where you are setting your player controller to the newly created player controller. Try creating a new gamemode and set the player controller to your new player controller. Does this change the behavior you are seeing on your end?

Thanks for your time. As you can see i set up my game mode correctly:


I’ve found what was causing this behaviour for me.
I disabled show mouse cursor → if i toggle this back on it works fine. (in test project default is off too.) I’m not sure if this is intented or not.