Using MotionBuilder with Root Motion

Hi guys,

I’m having a problem using animations that have root motion on them in MotionBuilder, specifically when it comes to characterisation.

In 3DS Max I’ve animated walks and sidesteps with forward + back / side to side translation on the root joint, which is at 0,0,0 by default. The root does not move up and down at all. Any up and down on the character is coming from the hip joint. These work fine when exported into Unreal.

In MotionBuilder I don’t see a bespoke slot in the Characterisation panel for root translation - what I’ve got is Hips (under Base) and Hips Translation (under Special). Any tutorials I’ve come across specify using the Hips Translation slot for your character root node and this nearly works, but what happens is MotionBuilder consolidates all motion from the root and the hips and bakes all of it onto the root. Once you’re in Unreal the end result is the character is floating and sinking above and below the ground plane because the natural up + down animation that I put onto the hips is now being applied to the capsule.

I’m clearly doing something wrong, I’m sure MotionBuilder is quite capable of doing what I’m trying to do here. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance!

this old post i wrote may help,
and this