Using morphs targets from one animation on another

Is it possible to take the animated morph data from one animation asset and blend it with the animation of another asset? Specifically, I have facial mocap data in an animated character, but I want to use that mocap on the animated body from another asset.


Same, I need some info on how to do this. I have a facial animation that I would like to use on another character with different morphs targets

If the two asset share the same morph targets names it should work by default, because the curves are just setting the 0to1 values of that morph.
If instead the names are different between the two asset, you can match them in ABPby using a ModifyCurve node, here is an example of blend shape matching between ARKit ( eyeBlinkRight ) and a CC3 character ( eyeBlinkR ) I did a while ago.

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