Using more then 1 keyboard key for 1 action

hey guys, i am trying to finishing the tutorial, for 2D sprites , on my own…
but i need to use the keys LEFT + DOWN ( and D + S ) for one animation same goes for UP + Left mouse (and W+Left mouse)

my problem is … i dont know how to do it… i tried it with booleans but that does not work… btw. the down key is in use for an animation and i want to use left+down (at the same time… like , you run (left) and then slide (down)
but i cant get it to work… i dont have kismet for it cause nothing i tried worked out…

best regards

Set a boolean when LEFT is pressed, set another boolean when DOWN is pressed, then, when one the keys are pressed, perform the action requiering the two actions


thank you :smiley: i changed it a bit but its working now :slight_smile: thanks !