Using Modeling Tools on Multiple LODs of Quixel Assets

Hey everyone,

I’m trying out a workflow similar to the one outlined in Quixel’s Medieval Village Environment walkthrough.

The issue I’m running into is that applying a deformer action - like bending a mesh, or using a planar cut - results in only the specified LOD (max by default) being affected without lower LODs taking on the change, and without the option of affecting all LODs simultaneously in the UI.

Is this a hidden option somewhere, or is there an alternate workflow for handling this? Since Quixel assets come in with a bunch of LODs already set up, and the video showcases this workflow specifically with Quixel assets, it feels like I’m missing something here.

Alternatively, are LODs even relevant with Nanite enabled, and the correct workflow is to just discard anything but the highest LOD?


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Yeah, LODs are irrelevant when using Nanite, the fallback mesh wont even use the LODs.

You can also generate new LODs automatically within Unreal Engine as well.

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Awesome, then my whole problem is a non-issue, thanks! :smiley:

Nanite doesn’t work with trees (masked, 2 sided materials) and probably won’t for quite a while yet.

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