Using mod tool in a games art class

Hi I teach a games course at Escape Studios in London.
I have a couple of questions and hope this is the right place to ask.

Am I allowed to use Ark engine in a class and would I have to have steam loaded on all of the class machines

Am i allowed to export data ( models, textures +)from the engine to maya to edit and use for teaching purposes

Many thanks


and i thought you can use anything for educational use :open_mouth:

Hi sfenton,

Luckily the dev kit is freely available to anyone to use, for making Ark/Unreal mods and for learning purposes. I do believe you will run into the issue of needing a separate Steam account for each system. But as long as you don’t use the assets in another engine or for a commercial purpose you should be free to use it as a teaching example. This should include exporting the assets for editing in another program. (I do not work for Unreal or Studio Wildcard, so my statements are not their voice, and could be incorrect - but I believe you are on safe ground with a legal and respectable use of the material.)


Just because Epic freely allows educational use of their engine doesn’t meant the same license extends to anyone wanting to use Studio Wildcard assets. They are owned by Wildcard not Epic. In addition to this Wildcard makes use of some third party products, which have their own license terms.
Your best bet would be to email Studio Wildcard and ask.

I have no clue what Wildcard’s policy would be on this, so I’m passing it on to staff from Wildcard. Hopefully they can answer your question properly :slight_smile:

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