Using Mesh Collision in real time interaction

Hey folks,

So, I am working on a simulator building project for My company. I have created a click and drag spawn system from widget to world. I have created a gizmo. Now the next thing I want to achieve is to snap the assets to their respective snapping points but that is yet to be done. Before that first I need to figure out how do I prevent geometry penetration. Moving the spawned objects doesn’t respect collisions of the static meshes/blueprints. How do I set it up so that as soon as collision of objects starts, the movement gets blocked in that direction, however movements in other directions are still permitted for the object, just like it happens in real world. Perhaps some tutorials or something would be great as I wasn’t able to find anything valuable on the topic so far on web.

Try to use Sweep:

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Nope. Sweep didn’t do anything. I am attaching the active object to gizmo and then whenever I move the object that’s attached to gizmo, I want the collision to happen in real time with other objects but without simulating physics on the objects.

It must work well if you set up collisions correctly.

“bSweep: Whether we sweep to the destination location, triggering overlaps along the way and stopping short of the target if blocked by something. Only the root component is swept and checked for blocking collision, child components move without sweeping. If collision is off, this has no effect.”

Maybe you should rethink your component hierarchy.

It works in my runtime editor:

I think it’s probably because whenever I activate gizmo for any object, the selected object it gets attached to gizmo via AttachComponentToComponent node where the gizmo becomes the parent and the object becomes the child. So, maybe it’s because of the object being child, it’s not affecting other objects? How do I figure it out?

Do not attach, but try to pass movement commands directly to the actor.

Alright, So, I tried what you said and it partially did what I want. there are 2 problems that I am facing now. First, on some assets, the gizmo moves a little before the asset starts to move. I am speculating it’s something to do with the collision system as when I remove all collision, the system works perfectly but of course the geometry penetrates. Even using complex collision as simple and CCD didn’t help. And second, The gizmo continues to move even thou the asset stops moving on collision detection. How do I go about solving these two problems? I am attaching a screenshot of what I did in the blueprint in order to move the asset.

It seems to me that it is normal for the gizmo to keep moving, but you need to update the position of the gizmo after the move is complete.
The delay will happen if the collisions are in contact with something, and it is also logical. I haven’t known how to get around it yet.
And I would turn off Sweep for Gizmo.