Using Maya as level maker

Hello all,

I’m very new to Unreal. Basically, I’m planning to make a very small game by myself and because I’m reasonably proficient in Maya, I would like to use Maya as my primary tool. So that I can make the whole level( e.g, a ship where you can walk around) in Maya and treat that as a level in Unreal. Is that possible?

I made a corridor in Maya, then imported it into Unreal to test but I can’t step inside the corridor. After googling, I think this has something to do with collision but I’m not sure.

Is it a good idea to build whole levels in maya and import them in Unreal? Are there tools/plugins to import the objs, made in Maya, in Unreal and treat it as a level/world/landscape. Can anybody give me any guidance?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You partically can build it in maya. You can model it in maya and export it to unreal. Open up the static mesh and change it’s collision to fit on the mesh. from there have the player start on the mesh and press play. You’re gonna need youtube as a guide. Look up tesla’s tutorial on collision and I think it will help you with your issue.

  1. you can do everything in maya, but I pesonally would recommend you to do it in the UE4 (place single objects so that you have a map in the end) -> you will get a better performance because you can cull your meshes + every object uses a lod
  2. There are three ways how you can fix that:
  3. when you create your landscape in maya, make sure that you export it as a raw 16 heightmap -> then you can import it into the ue4 landscape tool :slight_smile: