Using materials from marketplace assets for own models

Hello all,

I am wondering if it is feasible to use materials from Marketplace bought content on my own models made in Blender (or other texturing program)?

I know I can export individual textures out of UE, so I was wondering if anyone has any general workflow advice for attempting the above.

Or perhaps it’s just a bad idea - as you can probably guess my texturing skills are limited.



So long as you don’t make those textures available to the public (i.e. through releasing your model with the textures you used from the marketplace), I don’t see why not. - Business terms say you may modify the content and use them in your game that may be shipped finally. But the creator/owner of the asset-set from the market-place should still be able to sell the asset-set to other developers as well - so you may not redistribute it just in source-form (like *.png, *.wav, *.cpp or whatever) as stand-alone libary to other developers in some other market-place (even if you modified it a bit or a lot). However it does not limit you to create your game.

Good to know, thanks.

As for the actual workflow I’ve got the maps and a couple of the models imported into blender and I’m messing around combining and editing to make what I need.