Using material Translucent blend mode with Hair shading model


I have a problem that is difficult to solve while making hair.

I want to use a translucent shading model for the mask blend mode in the material, but if I use this setting and applying my hair object, It doesn’t react to the light at all.
Do I need any other special settings?

I would like to use the hair shading model of the masked blend mode and the hair shading model of the translucent blend mode together.

Thank you!

Try changing the Lighting Mode on the translucent material. I recommend starting with “Surface TranslucencyVolume”.

Thank you for your answer to all my questions.

It works when I use Translucent Blend Mode with the Default Lit Shading Model.
But It doesn’t work when I use Translucent Blend Mode with the Hair Shading Model.
When using a hair shading model with translucent blend mode, the applied model darkens.
It doesn’t seem to get any light.
Only surface forward shading light mode seems to get light, but there are no light highlights on the surface.
Is there something that I have to do?

Hi, have you solved this problem yet? I have the same question to ask. If you have any better solution, put it here, thanks!