Using material on UMG images


Im trying to add a transparent material to an UMG HUD. The material looks ok in the Material editor

But when I try and place it on the hud it turns black.

I’d prefer to use transluceny, but the only way I can get it to actually render in UMG is to use masked

Is there something specific I have to do get a red arrow appearing on my UMG HUD?

Emissive and Opacity are the only channels supported for materials used in the UI.

Thanks Nick. That got my test Icon appearing in red, but the 3D one now doesn’t render because its translucent. Is that because its experimental or is there something else I’ve missed?

Probably experimental reasons.

Not had much luck with this experimental branch so far :slight_smile: With the above and this one…

Think I’ll park the HUD for a bit and try setting up steam integration.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Is this documented anywhere?

No but it shouldn’t need to be - the OP has made several errors, UI materials are not ‘Lit’ to start with - so the lighting option should be ‘Unlit’ instead of ‘Default Lit’, at which point BaseColor, Specular etc all go gray and Emissive is the only one available.

In 4.10 and above, there is a new material domain called ‘User Interface’ which will change all of the material output nodes to other things anyway (Emissive becomes FinalColour for example). Any materials you’re using in the UI should be set to that Material Domain, UMG will warn you if you don’t now anyway.

The base color does not get changed to FinalColor. You will get no output if you have your material using BaseColor, regardless if your domain is UI. So, since it’s not documented, people are just left to pulling their hair out wondering why nothing is showing up.

If you try to use the material on a UI element, UMG will throw an error telling you the material is not set to the correct domain.

‘Emissive’ get’s changed to Final Colour, not Base Colour. This is just a terminology misunderstanding, ‘BaseColour’ is one of the components for lighting / PBR. For an unlit material it wouldn’t make any sense.