Using marketplace as a company


sorry if this is a stupid question, but have just started using the marketplace. The terms of sale mention that purchases by a company may be made available to all employees for producing products to the company. Is there any way to share a wallet / purchased collection of content between multiple developer user accounts at the same company? As in i buy some content on my company unreal account, and the other developers on their unreal accounts can see a download link. Or are we just expected to copy the content manually between users?

Hi Tom,

I’d say your best bet is to get version control established for your company’s project. Once you have that going you’ll be able to add your assets directly to your project. After that, those with access to your repo will also have access to your assets. A good place to start is the perforce tutorial.

Thanks. That was what we were planning anyway, just wanted to check i hadnt missed some obvious feature somewhere.

Not really. for example I have a marketplace content CODE PLUGIN. This plugin is dependenty for the project. It’s part of the marketplace plugins folder and is not part of the repository. it’s a thing in the launcher. SO WHAT to do, in order to let other users use the plugin? I dont wish to buy a code plugin for sound guy or ui designer.

The buyer is responsible for providing their employees with the content for use with projects owned by that buyer. The products can only be used on projects by the original buyer, and not for each employees personal use. The marketplace terms pretty much sum this up in similar words if you want to review.

@AngeIV, within the bounds that SE_JonF noted above, you can share plugins by copying the plugin folder from [UE4 Installation]/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace. Either put it in the engine installation on your employee’s computer, or copy it into [Project Folder]/Plugins in which case it will be loaded as a project level plugin. The latter allows you to include it in source control, but also requires you to have a C++ project and means the plugin code will be rebuilt along with your project.

Of course this means you need to manually update it after downloading a new version of the plugin via the launcher. Currently there is no automated way to do this.

Thank you so much for this answer. I thought I can’t legally do that :slight_smile:

@AngeIV I’ve just been reminded that some plugins on the marketplace may have per-seat licenses, in which case you can’t do as above. I think if there are any then it’s only a couple, this is something that there’s a lack of information regarding. If you want to be certain, best to send an email to marketplace support and ask about the particular plugin.