Using makehuman and maya to rig a character

Hello, I am new to this and what I have is a makehuman obj with the mesh. I want to use Animation and riggin tools plugin for maya to rig and animate my model. I have followed this awesome series

but they never mention what to do with an already created mesh or character. Any help please :slight_smile:

I dont understand… if you have already a created mesh or character, thats when you start to rig it with ART or whatever…

As Adeptus stated, you add bones to your created mesh or character (after importing it to maya).

What point in the process are you stuck at?

~ Jason

Makehuman has several rigs you can already use, and one for games specifically. You might look into this, it would save you from having to rig the mesh again. I’m unsure of the MAYA pipeline or if it supports importing makehuman rigs.