Using LOD Meshes Help

I am using a free tool called Meshlab to create LODs for some of the higher poly architecture, I cant seem to figure out how to add a custom distance to the meshe LOD, how would I do that? I have no cull distance in the level, not sure if i need one.

Hey Chay! :slight_smile:

To do this go to the static mesh editor in UE4. At the right you have your LOD’s, make sure to disable AUTO compute lod distances, if that’s on.
Then you have screen size which i believe is the object size on screen, in your LOD0 set it to 1 and for every other LOD set it lower to your needs :slight_smile: You’ll see what happens when you change it.


Ok i see, but in my thin i only have LOD 0 and LOD 1, how do i add additional LOD options?


You mean how to add more LOD levels? That’s inside your modelling software where you export a lower lod mesh and import as a lod level in ue4.
Or not sure what you’re asking?

yes I want to add additional LOD levels. I’m not the modeler, just a level designer, and the modeler is sick so he’ll be out for a week, Is it easy to add additional LOD’s myself easily from Blender?


No not at all, create or export the LOD level 2 and 3 and so on and then do this ->

Rightmouse click -> Import LOD -> LOD 2
And do this for every level


Ok so basically create the LOD levels in the program, then right click the mesh and import LOD level 1, then right clikc the mesh again and import LOD Level 2 and so on? how do i remove LOD Levels?

Removing isn’t possible at this moment if i recall it well. I tried it once and back then it wasn’t possible. Could’ve changed or was possible but not widely known back then.

hmm, ok well i imported a LOD that is messed up and lays on its side, not sure why it was working just fine a while ago. im using autodesk fbx importer, I have to convert the mesh to .obj to modify it then export it to .fbx, but when converted from the autodesk software, it lays on its side, very strange. do you know of another way to convert models without importing and exporting from like blender or 3ds max?

Also I found a way to undo the LOD, just drag the modelt hat has the LOD from your computer into the content browser that has the model you want to replace and then replace it with the new one. I just did it and all the instances of it staye dthe same shape, size and location, and the LOD was gone. Just thought i’d put that in there for anyone if they needed it.