Using Linked Anim Layers in Linked Anim Graphs, in Template Animation Blueprints?

I’m reorganising how animations in my project are set-up, to be used for multiple characters and scenarios.

So far I have a Template Animation Blueprint working, with two state machines using Linked Anim Layers (like in Lyra’s set-up).

I’d like to try using Linked Anim Graphs to separate the state machines (and any future ones) into their own AnimBPs, to create different types of templates. But I’m not sure how or if it’s possible to use it with Linked Anim Layers.

My current files:

  • ABPT_Player (The main Template Animation Blueprint, for transition logic)

  • ABP_Hero (Child of ABPT_Player)

  • ALI_ItemAnimLayers (Animation Layer Interface)

  • ABP_ItemAnimLayersBase (Where logic for layers is made)

  • ABP_Unarmed_Hero (Where anim sequences are assigned)

  • ABPT_Fly (Template Animation Blueprint, with AnimGraph logic just for flying)

I’ve separated the flying state machine in ABPT_Player into its own file called ABPT_Fly, and created a Linked Anim Graph node for it.
Its variables have been binded, and it has the same ALI_ItemAnimLayers implemented as ABPT_Player and ABP_ItemAnimLayersBase.

When testing in-game, there are no errors and the states flow through each other. But no animations trigger, just T-Poses.
Unsure if I’m missing a step, if there’s a better way, or it can’t be done yet.

If anyone has any advice or ideas, would love to know.