Using line trace by channel for shooting is not indicating the correct hit location

I am creating a FPS game, and I decided to replace the yellow projectiles from the FPS sample with a line trace by channel.
I only have one problem: the hit location indicated by the line tracer is not the same as the hit location of the real projectile.( I don’t know if I’m clear, I attached an image with the game screenshot and the blueprint I use for firing the weapon)

As you can see, the weapon was suppose to “hit” at the location of the small red cross, but it always hits a little bit to the left and a bit higher( at this small distance there is no problem, but if I fire at a target 100 meters away, it hits 3 meters above and 2 to the left)
Is there something wrong with the Blueprint?
Please be patient if this is a stupid question, this is my first game, I am 17 years old.

Id wager to say its likely in the hud, if you are using the default hud to draw those crosshairs its not directly in the center of the screen, which is where that line trace is hitting. Open your hud and make it look like this and see if it fixes the issue for ya…

I made a typo make both those subtract floats = 8


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Thank you sir, I centered the cross on the center of the screen, and now it’s pretty accurate. Thank you very much for your help