Using LIDAR panorama images as textures

Hello -

I scanned a room using a Leica BLK360 LIDAR device and have successfully imported the pointclouds into RC and produced the mesh. Is it possible to use the 360 panoramas that are output from the LIDAR as the textures in RC? I’ve tried using images I took with a Canon with the LIDAR data in RC but the images are not aligning well at all for some reason. The LIDAR images look solid and I’d love to use those as the texture if possible. Thank you!

Hello dear user,
you can texture using that data stored in your laser scan files. If on import you pick color instead of intensity, then you should be able to see the “pictures” right in the lsp files generated in the 2D view. Then you can also press texture once your mesh is reconstructed and there you have it. 

Thanks, I had a related question which this answered. I love when I find something in a forum and don’t have to be the nubi who asks a question for the 123rd time.  :)