Using level sequences from different maps in same master sequence?


I am trying to ‘merge’ level sequences from different maps in one master sequence.

I doesn’t work for me - only the level sequence which ‘belongs’ to currently opened map shows decent movie.
The other level sequence (the map of which is not loaded right now) shows some rubbish - the cameras move as they should but in the wrong map :slight_smile:

I must be doing something wrong…

Does somebody know how to fix it?

BTW: it’s so confusing to me all those new terms like level sequence and shots… that may be the reason…
I still don’t quite see difference between shot and level sequence… and so on…
and there is so few informations about it… reading and watching everything I can get scince 2 complete days…
Or should I perhaps export level sequences to shots? Sorry if it sounds stupid :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for all answers!
Looking forward to them :slight_smile:

I’m having the same issue! but haven’t messed around to fix it … maybe it could be solved using level streaming. but Still would happy to know the solution.

Ah I think I found how to achieve that, Check here :

hey is there any way to not open the level and still play the sequence correctly btw its becuase if i open that level the frame rate goes below the ground . Thanks

May I suggest you try to ‘Lock viewport from camera cut’ in each of the level sequence used? I think the master sequence does not know which camera to read from all the level sequences.

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