Using Integers and Text Renderers to Make a Visible Scoreboard in a Soccer-Like Game

Hello all, I’m a very new developer mostly interested in audio implementation, but I’m also trying to learn a bit of the programming and visual scripting elements in the Unreal Engine for a class.

I started to make a small game that involves you shooting at a ball to have it roll into a soccer goal. At the moment I have the ball, shooting, movement etc all done. The character works perfectly fine, the game elements are all working fine. I created a blueprint of a goal mesh and a ball mesh with some other things inside to make it look cooler.

However, I tried to make a scoreboard using a “TextRender” component in the “Ball_Goal” blueprint, and the idea was that when the ball mesh component would overlap the trigger volume set in front of the goal, it would add one to an integer variable that would be rendered through the TextRender object (I called it “Scoreboard”)

I can’t seem to get it to work. I’ve tried creating TextStrings, regular strings, and I’ve tried to use ToText(Int) and when I go to set the value to the TextBox with “SetText” the value returned from the ToText(int) is always nothing. The default value of the integer is set to 0, and it shows that fine when hovering over that connection. However, when hovering over the pink connector that is supposed to be returning the integer value, it’s entirely blank. It is not returning a value. Honestly the use of strings is completely foreign to me, I have no experience with it at all.

Essentially, how can I get my integer to write it’s value numerically as text into the “text” field of my TextRender object? Why is it returning a blank value?

Thank you guys in advance!