Using Infinity Blade assets in marketplace submission

From what I’ve read it should be fine, but just wanting to double check. I have an idea for another complete blueprint project to start working on and the infinity blade assets would be the perfect fit for it. So I should be good to go right?

Edit: They would just be the graphics used for the project and the main component of the project would be the blueprints.

You can use the assets for any Unreal Engine Project (and only for Unreal Engine Projects).

Jon Jones just answered a similar question in the FAQ thread. Essentially, so long as the assets are for demonstration purposes and don’t outweigh the other content, you should be fine.

Yea I know about that rule. I asked it before submitting my platforming kit but that was using public domain assets for the graphics part. Just wanted to double check if the same applies for the infinity blade stuff.

The question and answer in the link I provided was regarding infinity blade assets. =)

Thanks for the link, Jon! Yes, that’s still our policy. To date, we haven’t encountered any submissions that we’ve had to request changes on or reject on the basis of using Infinity Blade content, Epic content, or public domain\CC0 content. When we decided to loosen the rules on how the content is used, I personally thought this was something we’d have to spend a lot of time dealing with but I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case. So far, everyone’s been using the content to make their Blueprints or code plugins look even cooler, which is exactly what we’d hoped. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that!

When the Infinity Blade assets came out I was excited because it’s the perfect asset pack for a Fantasy RPG, but I could’t figure out any use for them that would actually be achievable on a part time, one man schedule.But now I think I found the perfect use for them in a new game kit that i’ve started working on :smiley: