Using Incredibuild for Unreal Android builds

So I’ve got Incredibuild with a licence that lets me distribute Android builds. I’ve also got Unreal. You probably have too…

So my Unreal android builds use incredibuild for the native code bits right? NO! WHY!


The default unrealbuildtool is set to not use it. So what to do?


In the file


Find the function:

                public override bool CanUseXGE()
			return false;

and change it to:

		public override bool CanUseXGE()
			return true;

Et Voila…

My Android Unreal builds now use Incredibuild…

Any Chance this could be made default?

Hi drlove,

This is a change I make locally myself, but our build systems fail with it enabled so we have it checked in disabled. I’ll look into a better way to deal with it.