Using IAssetTools::CreateAssetWithDialog

Hello, I’m a noob in c++
I would like to use the new asset creation function but I don’t know how to formalize it correctly, I use the TextAsset plugin and I added a button in the toolbar to execute this option.

I have it for the moment written as if underneath:

        TCHAR* Aselect;
        FGenericPlatformMisc::ClipboardCopy( Aselect );
        UTextAssetFactory* Factory = NewObject<UTextAssetFactory>();
        UObject* NewPrefabAsset = IAssetTools::CreateAssetWithDialog( this , ? UTextAssetFactory ? , FString("NewPrefab") );

In Visual Studio you can Ctrl+Shift+F and look at tons of use case examples (searching whole solution), searching for “CreateAssetWithDialog(”